Digital Marketing Performance Consultant.

I am a results oriented Digital Marketing & Performance Media Consultant helping small and medium-sized organizations in North America improve their online visibility and obtain maximum ROI from their digital media investments.
A Winning Proposition

I Am Your Business Partner

When you work with me, I become an extension of your marketing team.  This means I will dive deep into your marketing challenges to obtain a thorough understanding of the business of your business  and develop a fully-integrated digital marketing and online presence strategy that will increase conversions, maximize returns & help you grow your business.

Digital Marketing

My digital marketing consulting services include Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Social Media Advertising & Digital Analytics & Measurement.

Website Development

I build custom, highly interactive, fully responsive WordPress websites that load quickly and are designed to turn visitors into paying customers.

My Value Offering

How I Help Businesses Thrive in Digital Marketing

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This is how I will add more value to our business relationship.


When you engage me to manage your digital marketing or online presence, I will provide you with a FREE SEO or GOOGLE ADS AUDIT depending on your needs. I will also provide competitive intelligence, industry insight and benchmarking.
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My outstanding service levels will guarantee your satisfaction.


As your personalized digital marketing consultant, I provide you with 24/7 cell phone support, same day email replies, bi-weekly or monthly video/phone check-ins, dynamic dashboard reports and more.
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This is how I generate better performance from digital marketing


Using a process-driven, performance oriented, results-based, tech-supported approach I will treat your media dollars as if they were mine to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.
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Clients I have worked with

In the past 12 years, I have worked on digital marketing strategy and execution for clients of all sizes across many different verticals including finance, telecommunications, automotive, travel, retail, e-commerce, credit unions, government, etc. Most recently, I was lucky enough to work with Venus Concept managing their internal advertising agency to help Medical Spas, Plastic Surgeons and other aesthetic practitioners get more patients through the door.
This has provided me with invaluable experience in solving complex strategic and executional digital marketing problems to help grow your business.


Advice You Can Trust

Expert Advice is the Key to Business Success

The digital marketing landscape is complex with many platforms and publishers offering a myriad of advertising opportunities, ad placements, creative formats, targeting options, performance tracking and optimization levers.  Going at it alone can result in wasted advertising dollars with little to no results. As an experienced digital marketing consultant across many different verticals, I can help you navigate this overwhelming environment. Contact me today to learn more.


Free 30 minute business consultation

with our Principal Digital Marketing Consultant, Joaquin Murillo
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Joaquin gave me my start in the paid search industry back in 2012. With only a certification under my belt and no professional experience, he was willing to take a gamble based on my future potential. This exemplifies Joaquin's leadership style. He is a dreamer, believer, supporter, and most importantly a visionary. During the three years I worked with Joaquin at Media Experts, I was able to witness the rapid growth of our search marketing team from a handful of employees to more than two dozen practitioners. I credit this expansion to his relentless efforts and desire to build the best search engine marketing practice in Canada. Beyond search, Joaquin also has extensive knowledge of social media marketing and analytics. Any organization looking to build or strengthen their digital marketing function would benefit from Joaquin's expertise.

Maurice Revah Manager, Paid Search at The Home Depot Canada

I worked closely with Joaquin over the past 10 years while he was part of Media Experts and it was an incredible pleasure to work with someone as passionate about media as him. Joaquin is an extremely collaborative colleague that always prioritized problem resolution, process and ensuring things were done the right way. Joaquin is always ready to go above and beyond to get things done quickly and efficiently. I have always admired his leadership abilities by how he manages to expertly build teams and “rally the troops” to serve an excellent product. I highly recommend Joaquin for any of his future endeavors.

Rachel Arts Managing Director, Operations, Media Experts

Few people have the opportunity to report to a managing director as driven and passionate as Joaquin. Having reported to Joaquin for over 2 years on two highly specialized media buying teams, I can confidently say his ability to manage, structure, and grow teams are unparalleled. His vision, determination and focus on best in class approaches are what allow his teams to shine when it comes to customer service. Joaquin’s passion for digital media, and his drive for performance continuously inspired me to go above and beyond my comfort zone. Joaquin is also a fantastic people manager who takes the time to listen and find solutions for difficult situations. Joaquin is an important asset to any position requiring team management, customer service and business growth. For those reasons, I highly recommend Joaquin.

Alexander Piro Senior Media Trader at Desjardins