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Digital Strategy Questions

This depends on your industry but at a minimum, you should have a website, a Google My Business listing, BING local listing, Facebook and Instagram pages, LinkedIn and possibly Twitter and Pinterest pages.  Some of my clients are also active on SnapChat and TikTok nowadays.

Definitely, especially for lead nurturing, advertising promotions and specials, keeping customers engaged and generating leads.

LinkedIn is a professional network used mostly by business professionals for networking, thought leadership, job searching and building their brands. Most companies use LinkedIn to build their brand presence, grow their network and publish thought leadership content. It is a great network  for B2B advertising.

Social Media Questions

Yes it absolutely can.  With social media you can not only communicate directly with customers but create targeted ads to reach potential audiences and generate leads.

That depends on the product or service you offer, the target audience you are trying to reach, your business, marketing objectives and your  media budget. Contact me today to learn more.

This is a common question my clients ask and the answer is it depends on your product or service offering, the audiences  you want to target, the reach you want to attain and the tactics you utilize.  Typically you can get positive ROI from social media with the right strategy and tactics.

Paid Search Advertising Questions

Absolutely. Paid search advertising (PPC) is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics available to businesses today as it is 100% intent-driven, measurable, trackable, efficient and effective when managed by experts.  It helps to level the playing field, capture demand from other marketing activities, protects your brand and generates positive ROI.

Click Through Rate is a ratio that shows how many people are clicking on your ad after seeing it on a search engine. It’s calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. It is a function of relevance affected by the keyword that triggered the ad, the content of the ad and its relevance.

Costs per click on paid search vary greatly by industry, region, product, service, match type used, competitive level, search volume demand, seasonality, quality score, etc.  They can range from a few cents on a branded keyword to more than $20 on a generic high volume term. The ROI is positive when done by an expert.

Web Development Questions

That depends on how many pages are needed, the functionality required, images and text being used, and a few other factors.  I build websites starting at $2,500 for a 10 page fully responsive SEO-ready website. Check out my packages to learn more.

When all the content is available and ready to go, I would typically build a website in 10 working days including setup, quality assurance, testing and launch,

Absolutely.  Every website comes with a hosting package and fee of $75/month that includes 1 hour of monthly security, maintenance and content updates. If I do not design your website, I offer monthly update and maintenance packages starting at $150/month for 2 hours.